50Hz Series

ZIRANTEC 4”,6”,8”, & 10” Stainless steel Orion series submersible pumps are products of expertise gained from over thirty years of experience, endurance & workmanship. Products are engineered to perfection with utmost care and stringent quality checks at all stages has been taken to ensure a trouble free service to our customers. Our stainless steel submersible pumps are highly resistant to corrosion, and designed with built-in check valve. Each and every vital component inside the pumps & motors are made up of high-quality S.S.304/316 grade. The best possible hydraulic efficiency is achieved by matching our ideally designed impellers & diffusers.

The mounting dimensions of these pumps are accordance with NEMA and other international standards to firmly couple with ZIRANTEC ‘W’ series water filled rewindable submersible motors / L Series non – toxic liquid filled submersible motors or any other NEMA standard motors.

ZIRANTEC 4” Hydra Series submersible pumps are manufactured with thermoplastic impellers, diffusers & in-built check valves which prevent the backflow and reduce the risk of water hammer. The key components of these pumps are made up of thermoplastic which has high corrosive resistance, and the shaft is of AISI 304/33 standards. These pumps & motors can be used for Mining, De-watering, Industrial & Rural water supply, Food processing industries etc.