60Hz Series

ZIRANTEC vertical multistage centrifugal pumps are non-self priming with inline suction & discharge ports on the same level. A smooth flow of liquid through the entire system is achieved by the inline construction. These pumps are specially designed for high pressure applications where no suction lift is required. All the wetted parts are made up of corrosion resistance stainless steel which in turn offers best efficiency & durability. For safe handling, easy service and access, our pumps are designed with maintenance free cartridge mechanical seal. ZIRANTEC pumps have wider choice to suit any kind of high pressure requirements in its category. Our pumps are being supplied with DIN flanges as standard option and other type also can be supplied against specific requirement.

The ZIRANTEC vertical multistage pumps are offered with ZIRANTEC energy efficient motors to give better efficiency and life. All our single phase motors are fitted with thermal overload protector to safe guard the winding while overloading and extreme operating conditions. These pumps are supplied with high efficient IE1, IE2, & IE3 motors.

ZIRANTEC horizontal multistage centrifugal pumps are non-self priming, equipped with axial suction and vertical radial discharge ports. The suction and discharge of the pumps are supplied with threaded ports for easy pipe connection. These multi stage horizontal booster pumps are designed specially to meet the pressure boosting needs. These pumps are monoblock type and supplied with TEFC energy efficient electric motors for trouble free long running hours. All the single phase motors are equipped with inbuilt thermal protection to safeguard the winding while overload and extreme operating conditions.