Serie FKc Multi-Channel Impeller

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Serie FKc Multi-Channel Impeller

The FKc submersible electric pumps with closed two-channel impeller find their main use in civil and industrial installations, in sewage lifting stations and in water purification and treatment plants. The two-channel impeller offers a good security against clogging thanks to large spherical passages. The high hydraulic efficiency, the resistance against wear and the low mechanical action on the pumped liquid make the pumps of this series particularly suitable for the lifting of rainwater, mixed water and wastewater containing solids, abrasive fibers, active and industrial sludges. Fixed and mobile installations are planned.

Fixed with coupling foot, movable, vertical and horizontal..

Continuous with immersed motor (see dimension drawing P4).

Versions with explosion-proof motor available on request. Thermal protection in windings. Probe to detect any water in the oil chamber. Cooling jacket ..