FGb / FGa Series Vortex Impeller

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FGb / FGa Series Vortex Impeller

The pumps with vortex impeller have been designed for the handling of drainage, dirty and sewage water, domestic artisan and industrial waste waters with suspended solids in up to 65 mm, filamentous and viscous materials together with air, gas and abrasive particles, rough or fermented slimes, active muds..

- - Movable. - Fixed installation with low level coupling. The execution with float switch assures automatic operation though the connection to the electrical panel type AET-AEM available on demand.

Continuous duty with submerged motor (ref. P4 of dimension size drawing)..

Available on request explosion-proof executions. Thermal protection device in the motor winding. Catching probe for the eventual presence of water in the oil chamber.